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Actress Stella Damasus tells fans to learn to treat people fairly



Popular Nigerian actress Stella Damasus recently used her social media platform to drop some important words of advice for her fans and followers.

The celebrated movie star in her post talked about the important of being conscious and deliberate in one’s dealings with other people.

Damasus noted that sometimes in life, helps come from the most unexpected people. For this reason, she said people should be mindful of how they treat those that appear not to be on the same level as them.

“Sometimes, help comes from the most unexpected people. Be careful with the way you treat those you feel are not on your level,” she said.

Explaining her words better, Damasus said that God has a funny way of using the usual people to do his work.

Using a quick analogy, the Nollywood actress said that a security guard may be the link that a person needs to get connected to the owner of a top business enterprise.

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