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In a classroom, a video of a young girl praying for the soul of her friend’s late father melts hearts – VIDEO

In a classroom, a video of a young girl praying for the soul of her friend's late father melts hearts - VIDEO

Following a video of her fervently expressing prayers for her colleague’s late father who passed away, a small Ghanaian girl has melted hearts on social media.

The fair-skinned damsel in distress who was caught in the classroom is seen in the video praying on behalf of her friend, Mavis, and begging God to keep the soul of Mavis’ late father safe, with her classmates repeating her prayers with ‘Amen.’

The small girl also prayed for God to keep all souls in his bosom and to send his healing power to all those who are sick all around the world.

View the video;

In other news, after their pastor instructed them to flog their ‘Satan’ with a cane during a church session, some ostensibly Christian people inflicted significant agony on him throughout the ceremony.

In a video that has provoked outrage on social media, a group of delusional Christians, as part of their efforts to deal with Satan, who they believe is the source of all their problems, gave him the spiritual beating of his life, implying that he will no longer approach them after the experience.

It’s fascinating to see what kind of teaching some of these Christian leaders and pastors instill in their flocks, as this is a clear case of illusion that Church members will continue to believe until they are enlightened.

.NEWS SOURCE: Wothappen

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