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“A Nigerian man narrates a scary encounter after sleeping over at a lady’s house. He heard her dog bark at 10:35 PM.”



"A Nigerian man narrates a scary encounter after sleeping over at a lady's house. He heard her dog bark at 10:35 PM."

“@maxvayshia, a UNIBEN alumnus, shared a scary encounter he had after sleeping over at a female colleague’s house.”

He said that he heard a noise at the gate and his colleague’s dog barking at 10:35 PM, so he went outside to check what caused it.

As he went out, he saw a man standing in the shadow, staring at him without uttering a word.

“Who’s there?” he asked but got no reply from the figure, and before he could walk closer to the ‘personality’, the person just ‘vanished.’

The man said he searched everywhere for the person but found just a breeze, silence and a few leaves floating in the air. He said the house may have been haunted.

Continuing his narration, as reposted by @_agneeess on Twitter, he said:

“My girl asked who was there, I told her it was just a passer-by, but Morphasah was still barking. I understood what just happened and kept quiet.

“Some houses that were rented/bought straight up (rebuilt or renovated) are haunted by mostly earthbound spirits who are attached to one or two things concerning such houses.

“Either the land itself or some property. These spirits dwell with the new occupants and seek out ways to communicate and sometimes attack, shift tables, chairs, make some sounds just to show they see them and are on to them.

“Some manifest as mere passers-by and bike riders passing by the street. The difference is in their eyes and countenance. Watch them closely as they watch u.”

See her tweet below:

Netizens express shock over his experience

@DesmondIgbekele said:

“Don’t know why I have never been afraid about ghost stories etc!

“I have experience dealing with Angel, demons, ghost, spirits, witches and territorial spirit beings.

“In most cases I engage them in conversation.”

@Macdera2 said:

“Once night Don come u leave this type of story til tomorrow.. Na oraimo cord I go use remind u again.”

@Ada_OkeAgu said:

“Next time, kindly put a warning at the beginning of the tweet. I know you want to promote whatever it is but have a heart. Some people will read this late in the night.”

@ajiletente said:

“My former house, I kept waking up to find kitchen tap opened & kitchen waterlogged. Sometimes I’ll hear footsteps in the living room while I’m inside the bedroom. I lived alone. Until 1 night it finally showed itself to me. I just dismissed it. Was told house was built on a river.”

@Beany_lolita said:

“Thank God i won’t be sleeping alone tonight .”

@UnyimeUwak said:

“Me reading this in a dark room by this time. Why.”

@Marcsmall24 said:

“You left the best part of this tweet for the last, make sure you watch them as they watch you o. Hence yanga go sup.”

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