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A Gentleman’s guide on how to wear Brogues



A Gentleman’s guide on how to wear Brogues

Brogues have been around for over a century. However, many people find it difficult to match them with other outfits. This comprehensive gentleman’s guide will teach you how to wear brogues evil eye necklace.

Understanding how to wear brogues has been difficult since they transitioned from working shoes to fashion shoes in the early twentieth century.

A Brief History of Brogues

The brogue began as a working-class man’s shoe for Scottish and Irish farmers around the start of the nineteenth century.

The brogue was originally designed as a hard-wearing shoe for outdoor labour on farms and bogs, featuring holes in the front to drain any water that crept through throughout the working day.

Brogues were historically worn outside or in the country. They were neither casual nor business acceptable. Things began to change, though, when the world entered the jazz period.

The lively and energetic jazz era of the 1920s and 1930s truly perfected the two-tone brogue, with movie stars like Fred Astaire sporting them in their dance routines.

A Gentleman’s guide on how to wear Brogues

What’s the distinction between oxfords and brogues?

To appreciate the distinction between these two British footwear legends, we must first consider what defines each shoe.

Brogues are distinguished by perforations in the outer leather of the shoes, which were first spotted on Scottish and Irish boots used for farm work or rural walks. The holes were originally intended to drain water, but they are now purely decorative.

An Oxford, on the other hand, is distinguished by shoelace eyelets situated beneath the upper half of the shoe – also known as closed lacing. Do you want to learn more about Oxford shoes? Visit this blog for more information.

Full Brogues

A Gentleman’s guide on how to wear Brogues

Full brogues, sometimes known as wingtips, are the more classic kind of brogue. When viewed from above, the toe cap is defined as a pointed cap with extensions going along the sides of the toe and resembles a set of extended wings.

What should you wear with brogue shoes?

The modern brogue’s charm is its adaptability. It looks well with relaxed-fit jeans or a smart double-breasted suit. Let’s look more closely at what to wear with brogue shoes.

Brogues were traditionally worn with suit trousers. They may now be worn with almost anything.

Try these on with your favourite suit to work. Black brogues look best with a black suit, whereas brown brogues look best with a navy suit. To make a statement, pair some Oxblood brogues with a blue suit – or go the full hog and go for two-tone.

Brogues with beige chinos are another option for bridging the gap between business and casual. Pair with a quilted wax jacket and you’ll be the envy of any country club.

A Gentleman’s guide on how to wear Brogues

When should you wear brogues?

Given their lack of versatility in the nineteenth century, deciding when to wear brogues may have been a quandary back in the day. Today, though, you can wear your brogues pretty much anytime you want.

They’re ideal for weddings, for example, whether you’re the groom, usher, or inebriated visitor.

They’re also great for work, exuding sophistication and demonstrating to your colleagues that you know how to choose and wear a fine pair of shoes.

Brogues are also appropriate for everyday activities. Wearing brogues, for example, whether you’re only popping into town for a coffee or the local corner shop, will demonstrate your fashion sense.

The truth is that you’ll be able to pull off a nice pair of brogues in any weather or setting.

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