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“A Foreign Woman Paid Him for Intimacy”: 12 Messy Things Fancy Acholonu Revealed About Alexx Ekubo



The Nigerian social media space has continued to buzz with news on actor Alexx Ekubo’s broken relationship with his ex-fiance, Fancy Acholonu

The drama which started in August 2021, due to Fancy publicly calling off their engagement, resurfaced in the later part of 2022

Today, will be taking a look at some of the interesting things Fancy revealed about her relationship with Alexx in a tell all interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus

Nigerian actor, Alexx Ekubo’s broken relationship with his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, has continued to raise a series of comments on social media after their drama went public.

Recall that Alexx and Fancy were couple goals in 2021 before the young lady took to social media to publicly announce that their engagement had been called off.

Later on in December 2022, Fancy shocked many when she posted an apology note to Alexx and expressed that she missed him and wanted their relationship to continue.

FAN Wothappen
Some of the messy details Fancy Acholonu revealed on her relationship with Alexx Ekubo. Photos: @fancyacholonu, @alexxekubo
Source: Instagram

The drama intensified after this point as many people dragged Fancy and she later spilled that the apology note was actually co-written by Alexx before she went ahead to share other details.

Fancy later had a two-time tell all interview with popular blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus and will be highlighting some of the things she shared about her relationship with Alexx below:

1. The apology statement was written together:

Fancy’s controversial public apology note to Alexx was a hot topic and she revealed to SDK that it was actually planned. According to her, Alexx wanted the public gesture and they wrote the note together. Fancy explained that the actor even chose the photo she used in the post and that he had also urged her to leave her comments open and not reveal that her location was in Nigeria.

She said: “He went as far as telling me to leave the comments on and not put my location as Nigeria, he knew exactly what he was doing at that moment. His revenge plan was about to happen and I couldn’t see it. why? Cus in these moments he was telling how much he loved me and how he needed this apology post so we can move forward but deep down, he wanted me to feel the pain of being trolled and bullied. He wanted revenge on me for leaving him publicly. It was an ego fix. Once I clicked the share button, the scales fell off my eyes on what he was up to….He changed in an instant.”

Fancy added that Alexx refused to come to her aid when people started to troll her:

“He said ”you should feel the pain I went through when you left me”. I asked again please are you going to at least acknowledge the post and he asked me what I wanted him to say and I kept quiet…”

2. His sexuality is not reason for our breakup:

Fancy addressed the elephant in the room in her SDK interview and noted that Alexx’s sexuality was not why she broke up with him. According to her, she is open minded and whatever he chose to do was fine by her.

3. He didn’t touch me for 5 years while we dated:

Fancy also shocked netizens when she revealed that Alexx refused to be intimate with her during the 5 years they were together. She noted that he gave religion as his reason but he went ahead to cheat on her.

“He didn’t want to be with me intimately which was confusing and difficult for me to understand especially for 5 years so it did affect my self esteem as I kept myself for him and when he would cheat with curvy women he wouldn’t perform with them either so I don’t know, I can’t confirm or deny his sexuality but for me, I loved him despite all and he still found ways to hurt me”, she said.

4. I was to foot the cost of our wedding:

Fancy addressed a leaked chat that trended online claiming Alexx wanted her to bear the cost of their wedding. She admitted that everything in the leaked chat was true and the actor was focused on doing a fancy wedding that she was to pay for.

5. Alexx is narcissistic:

Fancy described Alexx as being extremely narcissistic and that the pleasant personality he displayed online was not how he was to her in private. She said:

“Behind those smiles of our happy photos he was always lying, cheating, and gaslighting me. The day after we got engaged, it became worse. He then became more controlling, and verbally abusive. We argued so much and it was close to becoming physical, I was scared of his rage. I told my sister and documented for record sake in case anything happened.”

6. Alexx told me to go and sleep with other men:

Fancy noted that one big red flag that led to their breakup was when Alexx refused to sleep with her but told her she could do it with other men. According to her, she found it strange that someone who claimed to love her would suggest that.

In her words:

“Imagine telling that to your fiancée that has kept herself for you for 5 years. At that moment I realized he didn’t truly love me. It started going downhill from there.”

7. Why the break up was made public:

Fancy explained that even though she did not want to make their breakup public, she was under a lot of stress at the time and Alexx refused to communicate with her even though she suggested they put out a joint statement because people were already buying plane tickets and preparing for their wedding.

8. I and Alexx finally got intimate in January 2022 after we broke up in August 2021

Fancy also spoke on the viral voice note from Alexx’s family member who claimed they had slept together in January after Fancy revealed they were not intimate for 5 years while they dated.

According to Fancy, they broke up in August 2021, Alexx’s aunt reached out to her in 2022 to see the actor and when they met, he apologised to her and for the first time, made moves to be intimate with her. Fancy explained that even though she was shocked, she gave in because feelings were still there.

“Things got emotional so he attempted to be intimate with me for the first time. I was in shock, because he said his religion and journey had stopped him for these 5 years. But love was still there so we proceeded anyway.”

However, after they got intimate, Fancy noted that Alexx started to tell all his friends and family members and even encouraged her to do the same. According to Fancy, he seemed proud of it and she had to pretend that she enjoyed it when he asked how it was.

9. How I caught Alexx cheating after a foreign woman paid him for intimacy:

Fancy also explained that she discovered Alexx cheated with a curvy foreign woman when the lady who had paid him to get intimate reached out to her on Instagram with screenshots of their chats after she was so angry that Alexx could not perform and she also questioned his sexuality.

“I caught him cheating on me with a curvy foreign woman that even offered to pay him money for him to sleep with her. They spent the weekend in a hotel, and she was so angry he couldn’t perform with her so she found out about me on Instagram, and sent me screenshots of their chat exchange in which she called him names and questioned his sexuality”, Fancy said.

10. Wanting to go back to Alexx was a trauma bond:

Fancy explained how her trauma bond with Alexx made her want to go back to him despite what she faced in the relationship. She said:

“With therapy and guidance I now realize It was just a trauma bond, with all of the control he had over me, the silencing my voice, and withholding affection, it made me long for the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel with him but at the end of the day it was just a mirage, nothing was real. Everything was fake. We had history together and I wasn’t strong enough to let go, he wanted me back badly too but this whole thing was toxic. I’m very grateful to God that I’m free and I can now be myself again.”

11. The apology was a revenge plot by Alexx:

Fancy reiterated that Alexx knew about her public apology post before she shared it online because he co-wrote it. According to her, he was trying to get revenge but she did not realise on time.

“This apology post was a revenge plot by Alexx and I was too naive to see it. Alexx and his family know I’m a nice girl and he tried to take advantage of me because he thought I would never speak up and stand up for myself. This has been a devastating situation for me.”

Fancy explained that her trauma bond with Alexx was broken after he later commented on the apology post as if he did not write it himself.

“He later on commented on my post which I didn’t even see until it hit the blogs.

It was a comment as if he didn’t write up the apology himself, he even chose the picture for me to post with that apology. That moment for me, the trauma bond was broken. Control was gone and I finally saw Alexx for who he really was. He is Evil, vindictive, revengeful and bored-line sociopathic. Of course we had good moments, it wasn’t all bad and he might not be like that to everyone but for me this was my experience and reality.”

12. I have never publicly called Alexx gay:

Fancy once again spoke on the rumours about Alexx’s sexuality and reiterated that she had never publicly called him gay. According to her, even if he was gay, it is not her place to share the news.

She said:

“I want everyone to please note that I never in my life publicly called Alexx gay. I would never out someone if they were; it’s not my place. My statement was everyone should find their happiness and live in their truth, i did not say his truth. That short and bold statement covered everything, the lie that my relationship with him was the whole time.”

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