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7 Tips for Driving Safely in Illinois During Springtime

Illinois residents love the springtime. Not only is the weather often great, but it marks an end to the harsh winter snows and winds that residents have to deal with every winter. When you’re getting ready to enjoy springtime, be sure to take into account these seven tips for driving safely in Illinois during springtime: 

1. Know When to Lawyer Up

Even if you do your absolute best to stay careful on Illinois roads in the springtime, accidents can still happen. For this reason, knowing how to properly handle post-accident chaos becomes essential. If you’re harmed in a car accident that was caused by someone else, you may even be entitled to a payout. Looking for a nearby Illinois car accident lawyer who can help you is highly recommended for this reason. Doing so can help you clean up messy driving on Illinois roadways as well.

2. Don’t Underestimate Spring Showers

People get so excited for Spring that they forget just how rainy it often is in Illinois. During the spring, it rains frequently, which increases the risk of an accident on the road. The oil from vehicles rises to the surface of the road during a downpour, making it slick and treacherous. Driving slowly and staying in the central lane are essential during this time to prevent rain storms from the outside lanes. The usage of headlights is another benefit. Moreover, keep an eye out for flooding. Flooding is a simple result of heavy rainfall, melting snow, and a thinly frozen road.

3. Be Careful in the First Few Weeks of Spring

While winter may be over, ice and other harsh winter conditions can still happen from time to time. Even while it may seem like all the snow and ice has already been melted by the sun, certain roads likely still have some of it. Drive cautiously, keep the same level of awareness you had while still in winter driving mode, and drive slowly. You should watch out for leftover sand and salt in some spots in addition to the ice. While these are helpful for winter driving, salt, and sand that have been left on the road during spring might be difficult to traction.

4. Check Up on Your Vehicle’s Tires

Your only contact with the road is through your tires. Make sure the tread is deep enough to divert water from the road rather than allowing it to collect beneath the tires. A quarter with George Washington’s head down inserted in the groove serves as a reliable gauge. The tread on the tire needs to be replaced as soon as possible if you can see the top of his head. Abraham Lincoln’s entire head being visible above the tread according to the penny test indicates that the tread depth is less than one-sixteenth of an inch. Around five times as much tread is present on new tires.

5. Watch Out for Motorcycles

When the weather improves, motorcycle riders love to ride their bikes. They take pleasure in the warmth of the sun and the wind as they ride. While motorbikes can often be tougher to spot, make sure you keep an eye out for them. Keep in mind that a second glance can save a life. Always look in both directions twice before you move into traffic. Make sure the route is free, and keep an eye out for motorcycles in particular. Sometimes it can be challenging to spot motorcyclists, but taking a second glance could help you escape a terrible accident.

6. Look Out for Construction Ahead!

Now that it’s not a frozen wasteland out there, construction workers will be on roadways for longer hours (and more often). Road-building operations can often start or resume as the weather warms up in the spring. Keep an eye out for detours, work crews, construction trucks, obstacles, barrels, and potholes. To lessen the risk of an accident and vehicle damage from driving in the wrong places, slow down when there are construction zones and adhere to the advice of road construction employees.

7. People are Coming Out of the Woodworks

You can anticipate seeing more cars, cyclists, and pedestrians on the roads in your region when the weather warms up. People will be eager to head outside and take advantage of the pleasant weather and sunshine whenever they can, especially if it snows where you live. Keep an eye out for more individuals riding their bikes and strolling around your city or town as well as more cars on the road. Follow the rules of the road when it comes to pedestrians, cyclists, and right-of-way.

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