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41-year-old Islamic Cleric (Alfa) Caught While Defiling 14-year-old Girl, Rahmotu In Lagos

A 41-year-old Islamic cleric escaped being lynched by residents of Ilasamaja in Mushin area of Lagos, after being caught defiling a 14-year-old girl identified simply as Rahmotu.

The cleric reportedly jumped into his victim’s compound from their fence after her parents went out for their daily activities.

Alfa was caught red-handed in the act by the little girl’s elder brother, Rahmon.

He was saved from being lynched by police officers from Zone D in Mushin, who intervened and quickly whisked him away.

An eyewitness said;

“Alfa was caught by the victim’s elder brother, Rahmon. He tried to overpower the culprit but couldn’t and so he ran out to call for help.”

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