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Nigerians should have these three valuable skills before moving overseas.

A lot of Nigerians want to move and live abroad in order to increase their chances of success in life. As soon as they leave college, many people begin to harbor dreams of moving to the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.



3 Valuable Skills Nigerians Should Have Before Moving Abroad

Some Nigerians move to the US, Canada, or the UK to pursue further education, while others do so to hustle and make a living.

However, some who have lived abroad argue it is not always as ideal as it seems. They frequently urge those who want to move to the USA, Canada, or the UK to have the necessary skills before leaving. They are relevant and employable in numerous foreign industries thanks to these skills. Some of these abilities also enable individuals to start a side business.

A TikTok page, @ukjobs01 known for advising those relocating to the UK, US and Canada, has released a list of skills that those moving abroad should possess.

This article looks at three of these skills and how they can be used to make money in the US, UK and Canada.

1. Working as a hairstylist abroad

Nigerians relocating to the UK, USA and Canada will have their stars to thank if they possess hairstyling skills.

One of the most lucrative side skills abroad is hairstyling. This could be combined with other jobs if so desired.

According to the Beauty Bee Blog, to get one’s hair braided in the USA costs between N116,000 to N348k, depending on the type of braiding.

In Winnipeg, Canada, hair braiding costs N77,500 on average, according to Fresha.

Getting your hair braided in the UK could cost as much as N97k, according to Girls Hair Extensions.

This means anyone with good hairstyling skills can make good money in the USA, Canada and the UK.

2. Make money as a fashion designer in the UK, Canada

Another lucrative skill Nigerians relocating to the USA, UK and Canada should learn is fashion design.

For context, to make a simple flared dress to the knee could cost N67k in the UK, according to Anita Benko. This excludes the price of the fabric.

In Edmonton, Canada, zip replacement alone is said to cost between N10k to 13k, according to a price list seen on Stitches Tailor Edmonton.

In the USA, adding a new zipper to a dress could cost N18k, according to Airtasker.

Tailoring skills could, therefore, be a money spinner if those who possess them choose to practice abroad, even as a side hustle.

3. Driving in the UK, USA and Canada

Being able to drive a car and possessing a driver’s licence could be an added advantage for Nigerians relocating to Canada, the UK or the USA.

According to Talent, a taxi driver in the UK could earn more than N17k per hour and as much as N25 million per year.

Taxi drivers in Canada could make as much as N10k per hour, according to Indeed.

Also, taxi drivers in the USA stand to make money, even if it is a side hustle. Taxi drivers in the USA could make at least N12k per hour.

There are other skills that are lucrative for those abroad. Some of them are highlighted in the video below:

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