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2022 World Cup: FIFA confirms change in date of kick-off



2022 World Cup: FIFA confirms change in date of kick-off

FIFA have confirmed that the 2022 Qatar World Cup will kick off one day earlier than originally scheduled.

On November 20, the host nation will Ecuador in the opening match.

A FIFA statement released on Thursday included: “The decision followed an assessment of the competition and operational implications, as well as a thorough consultation process and an agreement with key stakeholders and the host country.

“The release period, as previously decided and as governed by the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, will remain unchanged, beginning on 14 November 2022.

“Ticket holders will be duly notified by email that the relevant matches have been rescheduled and their tickets will remain valid irrespective of the new date/time.

“In addition, FIFA will seek to address any issues arising from this change in a case-by-case basis.”

The opening game of the tournament was due to see Senegal face the Netherlands at 1pm (10am GMT) on Monday November 21, but that fixture will now take place at 7pm (4pm GMT) on the same date.

The World Cup’s opening ceremony has also been brought forward one day as a stand-alone event prior to Qatar facing Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium, with a kick-off of 7pm (4pm GMT).

The change is in line with the long-standing tradition of opening matches involving hosts or reigning champions.

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