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    10 Ways to Grow an Organic Instagram Presence  

    Social media has been around ever since the internet came into existence in the late 80s, to the early 90s. From MySpace to Orkut to Facebook, younger millennials and the people who belong to gen z are able to see the evolution of social media. One of the social media platforms that has truly revolutionized the social media game and how people communicate and interact has been Instagram. Over the decade Instagram has been in existence, there have been so many updates. But there was a huge paradigm shift in the Instagram algorithm when Zuckerberg-based company, Facebook, acquired Instagram. In fact, with every update Instagram gets, no matter how big or small, its algorithm has always been subject to change. These changes can be big or small, but the bottom line when it comes to the changing algorithm is that it will affect how content creators’ posts will reach their audience. This leads to the question – how can content creators adapt to these changes? Simply by incorporating various new schemes and approaches to social media, content creators can manage to keep their heads above water. Therefore, you will need a social media strategy for an organic Instagram presence. This blog covers some handy tips and tricks that you can use to grow an organic Instagram presence.

    • Consistency is important 

    When you are posting on Instagram, you cannot put all your metaphorical eggs into one basket. This means that you simply cannot work hard on one post and hope that it will go viral. The fact is most posts won’t go viral. By posting on a daily (or a regular basis), your followers look forward to your next post, increasing anticipation and chances of a post going viral increasing exponentially

    • Post on regular time – optimize your posts 

    There are so many ways in which you can optimize your posts. One of the hallmarks of optimizing your posts is to find a time that has the most traction for your posts and stick to it. According to research conducted by Sprout Social, the most optimal time to post every day is in the morning, across all industries.   

    • Keep the quality of your posts consistent 

    Apart from being consistent in the posting time and being a regular poster, you will also need to keep an eye on the quality of your posts. A high-quality post is more likely to stand out when compared to the sub-par content Instagram is littered with. 

    • Gather information about what your Instagram followers want to see 

    Use the question-and-answer sticker when it comes to asking your followers what they want to see more of. By simply asking them, the trouble of assuming and creating useless content that your followers do not want to see will be saved. 

    • Run promos and contests and giveaways 

    People love free stuff. That is a truth that is not going to change, no matter what happens on any given social media platform. But there is a rift – marketers and brands do not always post what the people want. Since 72% of customers want sales and promo codes, influencers can partner with other brands to give what their flowers want. 

    • Cross-platform promotions

    People usually have multiple social media accounts. Different platforms have different strengths. By highlighting your Instagram across platforms, the strengths of your profile can shine through and get exposed to new groups of people.

    • Power of a custom QR Code 

    This is a form of cross-media promotion. While other forms of cross-platform promotions are online, this one is offline. Create a custom QR code, where if a person follows you on Instagram, they get a small discount. Through this, you can increase your following to your page instantly.  

    • Work with micro-influencers 

    Micro-influencers are influencers who have more than 1,000 followers but fewer than 5,000 followers. Share the wealth with them by collaborating with them, since their audience base is much more targeted and focused in nature. By exposing yourself to this niche, your following will also grow.

    • Increase engagement time 

    One of the best ways to increase your following is by increasing engagement time. Focus on building a community, where you reply to comments, and messages, and talk to your followers.

    • Take a look at your competition 

    Take a long, hard look at what your competitors are doing. Where are the people in your industry going? What are they posting? After looking at their posts and online presence, try to mimic them if they are in line with your brand. 

    The secret to organic social media reach and presence, especially on Instagram is all about optimization, creating high-quality content, and improving while building on the user experience. If you put things into perspective, by looking at your social media game it is an intricately balanced game of Jenga, where everything will fall into place as long as things are optimized.    

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