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042 Prince Opens Up About His Fight with Zubby Michael and Confronts Destiny Etiko



042 Prince Opens Up About His Fight with Zubby Michael and Confronts Destiny Etiko

 Ogbu Johnson aka 042 Prince, discusses his on-set conflict with Zubby Michael

A video of the physical altercation between Zubby and Ogbu was shared by WOTHAPPEN

Ogbu gives his perspective and responds to Destiny Etiko’s comments.

042 Prince, has refuted claims of disrespecting fellow actor Zubby Michael during a film shoot.

A report from highlights a notable altercation between the actors on set, which drew considerable attention online. 

 issue, advising new actors to respect senior colleagues.

Taking note of all that, on Monday, October 9, 042 Prince clarified rumours of enmity between him and Zubby.

He released a statement on Instagram, saying the public misinterpreted the on-set dispute with Zubby as a fight. 042 Prince stressed that the viral video was a staged scenario from an incoming film.

He claimed that this theatrical fight was a demonstration of “make-believe” to sell the movie’s storyline adequately.

042 Prince responds to Destiny Etiko’s post

Ogbu denied disrespecting Zubby, which Destiny suggested in her statement on social media. He said his actions were utterly prompted by his desire to represent his character as the director intended.

The upcoming actor implied that Destiny’s post was meant to portray an ongoing rift between him and Zubby, which wasn’t so.

His statement reads in part:

“The assumption is not the case. Many concerned colleagues, fans, industry watchers, allied professional platforms, and creative industry gatekeepers have expressed their concern about remarks and unguarded comments being made by individuals who are not aware that the video being shared online is nothing but a make-believe extract from a movie in the making.”

Finally, Ogbu apologised to his senior colleague, saying:

“Zubby Michael, pls accept my apology if you felt embarrassed by the action portrayed in the video. I remain loyal and a colleague in progress for our profession. Thank you and God bless.'”

See his post below:

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